THE CHOIR OF VENGEANCE (SE) – The Choir Of Vengence CD

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Cult Swedish Black / Death!

Featuring Swedish Death Metal Veterans Lars Tängmark (ex-Dawn, King of Asgard), Karsten Larsson (Falconer, King of Asgard, ex-Mithotyn, ex-Dawn), Rickard Martinsson (ex-Mithotyn, ex-Bloodshed Nihil) and Magnus Linhardt (Falconer, ex-Mesentery).

The Choir Of Vengeance was originally formed in 1987 in Mjölby, Sweden by Lars Tängmark and Karsten Larsson as Mortified and later released two demos as Mesentery with Rickard Martisson on Vocals. In early 1994 the band changed its name to The Choir Of Vengeance and in 1996 the band recorded self-titled MCD and pressed 500 copies that were distributed worldwide, longtime sold out and hard to find.

This 2019 version featured three unreleased bonus tracks, lines notes, new cover art created by Mattias Frisk (VANHELGD, UNDER THE CHURCH) and fully remastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound UK (CRUCIAMENTUM, GRAVE MIASMA).

The Choir Of Vengeance is a blend of black and death metal astonishingly simplistic, intense, atmospheric and melodic.

1. Frozen Valley
2. Warlock
3. Eternal
4. Premonition
5. Crown of Flames
6. The Valley
7. To Seek and to Find
8. With Eyes From the Sky

Released by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2019.


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