MAJESTIC DOWNFALL (MEX) – The Blood Dance CD (Ltd. Slipcase + Patch)

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The new album contains seven sorrowful songs with an even darker edge than debut album Temple of Guilt. Production wise the sound is thicker and more mature. The album also features a guest guitar solo from Roberto Granados (Denial, The Suffering). The artwork was created by Robert Hoyem (Shining, Iskald, Remembrance). Expect the new Majestic Downfall CD too spit human disgust through blackened doom emotions.

“The Blood Dance” Chaos Records limited edition to 500 copies comes in super jewel box with slipcase, 12 full color booklet with artwork and lyrics for all tracks plus exclusive embroidered patch 3″ x 2″.

1. The Blood Dance
2. From Black to Dead
3. Majestic Embrace
4. Dimension Plague
5. Army of Salvation
6. An Untravelled Road
7. Cronos
Chaos Records 2012


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