BLOOD MORTIZED (SWE) – The Demon, The Angel, The Disease CD (Repress)

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Second press from BLOOD MORTIZED’s 2013 “The Demom, The Angel, The Disease” third album. Limited to 500 copies!

“Second press from “The Demon, The Angel, The Disease”, the third album from Swedish Death Metal bastards BLOOD MORTIZED. The album features 12 tracks full of classic swedish death metal riffs, epic guitar solos, deep guttural voices and horrifying scenes of blood & gore.. Mixed and mastered by Linus Nirbrant (A Canorous Quintet, Amon Amarth) at Audiogrind studios. The “The Demon, The Angel, The Disease” artwork, by Benny Moberg, represents the bloody and sick visions of BLOOD MORTIZED music.

1. Bastard
2. In The Black Flames Of Desolation
3. My Soul, Your Flesh
4. I Am The Dead
5. Master Of Pain
6. Dysphoria Dystopia
7. Blessed Are The Dead
8. Blooddrenched Stones
9. Noiseterror 08
10. The Barbarian Lust
11. The Demon, The Angel, The Disease
12. I Leave With Hate

Released by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2020.


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