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Official CD version of full length debut of Swedish hell rockers TURBOCHARGED, over 40 min of amazing blend of thrash / groove and punk metal with total anti-christian theme. Mastered at Leon Music Studios by Rikard Löfgren (VOMITORY, DEATHSTARS, ENFORCER).
Comes with a 16 page booklet featuring artwork & lyrics for each track.
“AntiXtian, is a hate-soaked, anti-Christian riff-on-top-of-riff thrash metal piece that hearkens back to classic thrash bands such as Venom, Sodom and a few others. With punk infused into their thrash metal sound, they capture a nice blended sound that will please many a palette.” – Wicked Channel

“Heavy duty headbanging courtesy of this greasy, beer fueled, tattooed trio that remind of old skool punk metal bands from Motorhead to Tank to Antiseen.” – Battle Helm
1. The Uprising
2. AntiXtian
3. Ghetto of Eden
4. Lionbait
5. Nekronobodies
6. Globalize the Blasphemy
7. The Paradise They Lost
8. Golgotha 33 A.D.
9. Species of Jesus
10. Wake Up and Smell the Christian
11. Blasphemachine
12. Horns Forever Raised
13. The New Sodom
Released by:
Chaos Records 2012


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