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Megascavenger has proved its worth with a smashing debut featuring Rogga Johansson, the Death Metal machine. This time around, the band has left no stone unturned in making the latest Megascavenger release an epic affair, including guest participation from legends such as Dave Ingram, Martin van Drunen, Kam Lee and others. The artwork too is done by none other than Turkka Rantanen known for his works with Demilich, Demigod and recently Zealotry. Megascavenger is an earth-scraper on its own, composing music reminiscent of the strength of Grave, Hypocrisy and Bolt Thrower, giving it an even more powerful expression through Rogga Johansson.

Recorded and the Rotpit and various other rotting places
Mixed and mastered by B. Helgetun at studio Brainjar
Artwork and layout by Turkka G. Rantanen

1. At The Plateaus Of Leng (Vocals by DAVE INGRAM of Bolt Thrower/Benediction)
2. The Festered Earth (Vocals by KAM LEE of Massacre)
3. And Then The Death Sets In (Vocals by AAD KLOOSTERWAARD of Sinister)
4. The Mucus Man (Vocals by MARTIN VAN DRUNEN of Asphyx/Hail of Bullets)
5. Like Comets Burn The Ether (Vocals by DAVE ROTTEN of Avulsed)
6. When Death Kills The Silence (Vocals by FELIX STASS of Crematory)
7. The Hand Of Bereavment (Vocals by ILKKA JARVENPÄÄ of National Napalm Syndicate)
8. Back To The Ancient (Vocals by BRYNJAR HELGETUN of Crypticus)
9. Night Of The Grand Obscenity (Vocals by ROGGA JOHANSSON of ubiquitous fame haha)

Released by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2014.


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