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From the muddy gutters of Southern California, Guillatine unveils a new assault of (im)pure unadulterated Death Metal. Following an EP and a recently released Demo, the quintet ravishes the ether with three tomes of sheer brutality and carnage in the best tradition of the old beasts from the early 1990s. Vociferous vocals from the utmost bowels of hell lead this scorching ensemble, superbly escorting the slaughtering riffing which efficiently stands highlighted by the clean potent production. Whether on vicious fast gashes or deadly mid-tempo heaviness, an electrical bulk of fury permeates these 12 deadly minutes, additionally offering slight melodic details and darker more somber shades that ultimately paint a rich organic pallet of blood red. Guillatine further manages to grab the listener by the throat by imposing variation and well-blended dynamics between thrashier more straightforward impulses and intricate tortuous sections where the rhythmic pulse shines with higher strength.

Intense and virulent, join the bloodshed and exult on this crash course of classic DEATH METAL.

First limited edition includes four raw and vile rehearsal tracks!

1. God Stomper
2. Decapitated Thought
3. Majia Negra
4. Gangrena (live rehearsal)
5. Severed (live rehearsal)
6. Oppresor (live rehearsal)
7. Demon Semen (live rehearsal)

Relesed by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2020.


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