AGONY LORDS (MEX) – A Tomb For The Haunted CD (Digipak)

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“After a decade in the shadows, Mexico´s Legendary Agony Lords return with a new dark tale consisting of 10 chapters extracted directly from the crypts. This is the return, the story, the legend, the new classic, the tomb that has been opened to release fear.

TO RELEASE FEAR like it had not been felt long ago.”

“A Tomb For The Haunted” Comes in six-panel digipak with 24 pages booklet with lyrics for all tracks.

1. Enter The Mausoleum
2. Raising The Occult
3. Dead Eyes
4. The Spirit In The Tower
5. Emily
6. Witches Board
7. Writer Of The Dead
8. The Phantom Book
9. The Tree Of The Hanged
10. A Tomb For The Haunted

Released By
Chaos Records 2012


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