ETERNAL LIES (SE) – Burning The Nest CD

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New album from swedish death metal act ETERNAL LIES!

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Chaos Records is proud to announce this deal with the swedish act ETERNAL LIES. The new album is entitled “Burning the nest” and consists in eight majestic tracks that remind of the sound of early and mid 90’s melodic death metal style, with some black metal influences.

ETERNAL LIES was founded by Björn Johansson on guitar and Conny Pettersson on drums (from Anata) in 1998. Their musical style is best described as the “Gothenburg sound” performed at high tempos with some thrash and Florida based death metal influences. The first demo was recorded in 1999 with Tommy Grönberg (from Fatal Embrace) on vocals and Martin Karlsson on bass (from Eucharist’s Mirrorworld).

The demo won “Best demo in Sweden” category in Close-up magazine and a record deal was signed with Arctic Music Group in Florida. The album “Spiritual Deception” was recorded and released on 2002 and received high praise by the fans of the “Gothenburg sound” around the world.

A live line-up was needed for the shows thereafter and was completed with Trendkill members Erik Månsson (guitar) and Marcus Wesslen (bass). Requests to play festivals were coming but, sadly, vocalist Tommy couldn’t make it due to family matters. The band never got to be the same without him and the last gig was done with Arch Enemy in Halmstad, Sweden. After 12 years, Eternal Lies reunited to do the “Metal Reunion PTD3” gig with others bands like Eucharist, Ablaze my Sorrow and Fatal Embrace.

The show was sold out and fans from all over Europe and Japan were there to witness that metal inferno. Now ETERNAL LIES is ready once again. Eight absolute deadly songs, written during the years after “Spiritual Deception,” have now finally been recorded in 2017! This new album, “Burning the nest”, contains the original album line-up: Tommy Grönberg (vocals), Martin Karlsson (bass), Björn Johansson (guitar), Conny Pettersson (drums) and Erik Månsson (guitar).

1. Burning The Nest
2. Departure In Streams
3. In Red
4. Transient PErfection
5. Into The Sun
6. Dice Man
7. Resurrection Head
8. The Reawakening

Released by:
Chaos Records 2018


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