ZOMBIEFICATION (MEX) – Reapers Consecration CD (Ltd. Slimcase)

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Limited edition to 500 exclusive copies for Mexico of this 5 new tracks EP in Slimeline CD format with exclusive artwork and lyrics for all tracks.

Recorded at the Revolution Studios by Lord Brave (DIES IRAE, DENIAL, AGONY LORDS), mixed and mastered by Tore Sterjna at Necromorbus Studios (UNANIMATED, WATAIN, NOMINON). Cover art & layout Mr. Hitch

“Recalling the ancient glories of death metal form the grave, where the distortion pedals were turned to 10 on all knobs, thus creating the massive wall of sound that invokes the undead, ZOMBIEFICATION marks again in the flesh their fury and total adoration for all that is rotting…and moving. Death metal for those whose flesh is falling.” Julian Núñez – Horrible: Cult of fire!

1. Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow
2. Death Rides
3. Necrohell
4. I am the Reaper
5. We Stand Alone

Released by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2012.


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