UNDERSAVE (PO) – Sadistic Iterations… Tales Of Mental Rearrangement CD

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Emerging from Portugal, the Death metal outfit UNDERSAVE, holds high the flag of early 90’s extreme technical music, but at the same time they demonstrate a very unique sound, adding their own style. If you’re into bands like Necrophagist and Seprevation you need to get this!

Artwork and layout was created by Unknow Relic (AEvangelist, Vircolac)

1. Grant Courage To This Man Who Is About To Die
2. Press With Both Hands Hold Your Breath And Collapse
3. Peacefully Floating In Prosperous Abyss
4. He Promised You He’d Be Brief…
5. Hereditary Condemnation Through Immunity
6. Dead Up High, Persist And Be Smashed

Released by:
Chaos Records 2018


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