SOUL DEVOURMENT (USA) – Eternal Perdition CD

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The glorious 90s remain intact and the echoes of the past continue to bring back memories of a prolific and unique time, full of passion and intensity. In this sense, the rescue of the old traditions by the current bands has surfaced as a real nightmare in the form of Metal of Death.

Forged on the funeral Californian tradition, the birthplace of the greatest Death Metal band of all time, SOUL DEVOURMENT brings us in Eternal Perdition, their debut material, the most intense, rancid and purulent Death Metal with unique characteristics that make the band a of the great revelations of the genre today.

Imagine the great Bolt Thrower with HM-2. That’s what you’ll find here. A bastard son raised by the harsh harshness of Coventry and the damned uniqueness of Stockholm.

Black Hole Productions is proud to release the CD version of the Los Angeles maniacs’ debut EP.
Get ready to enter a grotesque return to the past and its endless corridors of eternal doom!

Released by:
Black Hole Productions (Brasil), 2020.


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