QUESTION (MEX) – Gnosis Primordial LP

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400x Regular Black
100x Bone (Ltd. 100)

(12″ (140g) vinyl /45rpm, 300gsm jacket with flood black print inside and two side print insert in 150 gram art paper).

You love sick death-metal but at the same time you’re too often disappointed that not that many dare taking some risks while still retaining that fetid and old-school vibe, like MORBUS CHRON or CARBONIZED before them? You thought that QUESTION debut full-length ‘Doomed Passages’ was one of 2014’s most overlooked DM masterpiece? Then rejoice because the Mexicans are at it again with a brand new five tracks EP, ‘Gnosis Primordial’.

While it still follows its predecessor unique take on the genre under the guidance of their early 90’s Finnish and Swedish elders, there’s a growing sense of dissonance and various tiny details that you might not realize at first here that betrays their desire to strive above the scene current conservatism while remaining faithful to their roots. Clocking at 24 minutes, ‘Gnosis Primordial’ is another proof that QUESTIONs are currently Mexico most promising young death merchants!

Olivier Zoltar Badin (Terrorizer)

A1. The Day the Sun Ascended Black
A2. Eons in Slumber
B3. Silhouettes of Reality
B4. Descent Into Oblivion
B5. Consciousness Unborn

Gnosis Primordial was recorded by Kg at Testa Studio in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico and mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound (Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum)

The cover art was created by Misanthropic Art

Released by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2019.


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