PUTRID TOMB – Putrid Tomb CD

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5 song +1 bonus track CD EP. Only the CD version contains the bonus track, not found anywhere else or available for download. Jewel case CD, professional replicated, glass master CD. 4 panel booklet. Full color disc art.

Putrid Tomb is a death metal band hailing from Southern California. They are back at it again with their brand new self-titled EP. Showcasing a much more refined and technical sound, but not lacking in the brutality, Putrid Tomb’s new EP is a blistering offering of bludgeoning riffs, breakneck blasting, and ultra low vocals. For fans of Suffocation, Disgorge, and Deeds of Flesh, Putrid Tomb defies the common trend. Here are no caveman riffs.

Desert Wastelands is proud to release this EP on both cassette tape and compact disc formats. Putrid Tomb is set to release on September 22nd, 2021, year of our abomination.

Released by:
Desert Wastelands (USA), 2021.


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