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Recorded in 2016 at home and remixed and remastered during plague summer 2020, Thrinodia, is the first of three full length records by Texas-based Haunter. After four pressings of the original album, Thrinodia is now available again. Revisit the death-metal tinged black metal record updated to deliver a truly powerful sonic experience. This album marks a notable growth from the bands earlier recordings – songs which have stood the test of time as the band has now developed into a more black metal-tinged death metal quartet.

Thrinodia – A Song of Lament. Experience the remixed and remastered album now through Chaos Records.

A1. Perinatal Odium Dilute 06:21
A2. Untitled 05:12
A3. Shrouded Moor 04:36
A4. Vial 02:46
B5. Thus My Undertaking, To Reject Stagnation, and to Liberate Fervency 07:02
B6. Apnoeic (Polarized in Retrospective Contempt) 06:15
B7. Thrinodίa 14:23

Manufactured by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2022.a


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