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DOOMORTALIS (MX) – Splendor… Then Gloominess CD

DOOMORTALIS (MX) – Splendor… Then Gloominess CD


Debut album from DOOMORTALIS!

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“Splendor… Then Gloomines” is a dark and gloomy journey of doom metal strongly influenced by death metal elements. Expect nothing more than extreme music in the old vein of Mexico’s 90’s underground scene.

Recorded at Bravesound Studios in Irapuato, Mexico by Jesus Bravo (AGONY LORDS, OMINOUS CRUCIFIX).

1. Paradise Where Pain Reigns
2. Shadows and Silence Ceremony
3. Maze of Immortality
4. Portal to Gloominess
5. Doom’s Day Splendor
6. Dead Magnetism
7. Doomortalis
8. Transcendence into the Final Eclipse
9. The Pleasures of Immuted Zombies

Released by:
Chaos Records 2017

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