DEGRAVED – Whispered Morbidity & Exhumed Remnants CD

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CHAOS RECORDS is proud to reissue DEGRAVED’s Whispered Morbidity & Exhumed Remnants on CD format.

With roots in the dismal and damp soil of the Pacific Northwest, the members of DEGRAVED are not newcomers to the sordid landscape of death metal. Originally a recording project of members of Cavurn, the duo found themselves needing an outlet for faster downtuned riffs in the harrowing American tradition.

In 2020, DEGRAVED released their first demo, Exhumed Remnants. Absolutely gutsfucking, this four-song salvo conspicuously nodded to the gods of downtuned DM – Cianide, Funebrarum, and early Necros Christos – but did so with the feral force and gutter-drenched ritualism. That gutter-ward descent continued with the band’s second short-length offering, 2023’s Whispered Morbidity. On this EP, the band doubled in size to a quartet, and their base barbarity received a razor-sharpened refinement, somehow becoming heavier and more heaving in the process. Still old-school to the bone, ​eerie synth lurked between slabs of guitar and guttural onslaught, proving DEGRAVED’s intoe to desecrate the tarnished earth. Now compiled onto one convenient CD, both ​Whispered Morbidity and Exhumed Remnants will together entrance the listener ​with their more-than-fait call of death ​beckoning.

1. Crematortured
2. Compulsory Bloodletting
3. Reduced to Bone and Ash
4. Whispered Morbidity
5. Exhumed Remnants
6. Corpse Fermentation
7. Incinerated

Manufactured by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2024.


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