DARKENED (INT) – Into the Blackness 10″ MLP

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400x Black vinyl
100x White vinyl

(10″ (100g) vinyl / 45rpm, 300gsm jacket with flood black print inside, two side print insert in 150 gram art paper).

Although a brand-new entity, DARKENED host a wealth of experience in the death metal underground, comprising drummer Andy Whale (ex-Bolt Thrower / Memoriam), bassist Daryl Kahan (Funebrarum), vocalist Gord Olson (Ye Goat-Herd Gods / Demisery), and guitarists Linus Nirbrant (A Canorous Quintet / This Ending) and Hempa Brynolfsson (Excruciate / Ordo Inferus).

“Into the Blackness” consist in 4 tracks of pure death metal and was produced by Linus Nirbrant at Audiogrind Studio in Sweden. The old school inspired artwork was created by Juanjo Castellanos.

A1. Into the Blackness
A2. The Offering
B3. Darkening of My Soul
B4. Unredeemed

Released by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2019.


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