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Blackened Death Metal psychosis from Portland, Oregon! For fans of The Chasm, Deathspell Omega, Dissection, and Death. Featuring members of Blood Freak, Torture Rack, and Diabolic Oath! On their debut full length ÆNIGMATUM Maintain atmosphere ,soul and grit while also proudly displaying clarity and dextrous skill!

Formed in early 2017 in Portland, OR by drummer Pierce Williams (Torture Rack, Lord Gore, ex Blood Freak, ex Compulsive Slasher), guitarist/vocalist Kelly McLaughlin (ex Ascended Dead, ex Blood Freak, ex Blood of Martyrs), guitarist Eli Lundgren (ex Abiosis), and later joined by bassist Brian Rush (Diabolic Oath, Treasonist, Power Beast, ex Blood Freak). ÆNIGMATUM’s first collection of material are songs written independently as far back as 12 years prior to the band’s forming. Combining the proficiency and agression of traditional/melodic death with blackened atmosphere, eccentricities, and arrangements; ÆNIGMATUM is a cathartic amalgam of the divine, the obscure, and the obscene.

“ÆNIGMATUM” was recorded by Charlie Koryn at Under World Studios, mastered by Julian Silva at On Air Mastering. cover artwork was created by Connie Wang at Icon Artistry.

1. Introduction
3. Lashed And Scorned
4. Boundless
5. Indoctrination Of Mourning
6. Interitus

Released by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2019.


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