TWILIGHT HAMMER – Taken by the Others CD

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Originally supposed to be released in 2010, lack of a drummer pushed things back. Sean Cyriis rejoined in 2014 to release the Wrathfire demo. Recordings for the album began in 2017. Hunt for a label and the general walks of life led to this album being released on Canada Day 2019. The songs remain as they did in 2010 – uncompromising and raw. Vicious in its attack speed and dark with its riffage, this album hearkens back to the old titans of Sodom, Sadus and early Bathory, while also drawing on some of the more hybrid aspects of bands like Destroyer 666 and The Chasm. The album features two old-school cover tracks, Sepultura’s “Troops of Doom” (from the 1986 album “Morbid Visions”) and Sadus’ “Torture” (from the 1988 album “Illusions”). “We who held the torches high in darkness for an age, shall rise again to claim the throne with fire and primal rage!”

Released by:
Dystopian Dogs (USA), 2019.


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