TOXODETH (MEX) – Mysteries About Life & Death + Phantasms CD

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The music of Mexico’s pioneers Toxodeth is brought back to life through Chaos Records by reissuing the band’s classic releases “Mysteries About Life & Death” from 1990 and “Phantasms” demo from 1988. This is remarkably good and rare Death/Thrash Metal that has been out of print since decades.

Don’t miss out on pure classic lesson in Mexican history.

Comes with an 8-page booklet with lyrics and artwork for all tracks.

1. Intro
2. the Beacon
3. Phantasms
4. Visit Of The Dead
5. Doom Predictions
6. Graveyard
7. Mausoleum
8. Seeing To Our Ages
9. Tales From The Beyond
10. Splendor Dead
11. Doom Predictions
12. Everybody Died
13. Pantheon
14. Exploiting
15. Mausoleum
16. Saintly Whore
17. World Deviate
18. A Description Of The Hellish Planet

Tracks 11-18 taken from the “Phantasms” DEMO

Released by:
Chaos Records


“Mysteries About Life & Death” quotes:

TOXODETH are the most wellknown Mexican band, their music is difficult to explain, there are lots of different parts…There are these solo-guitar parts between the songs, who sounds like European folk, sometimes classical music…in all cases is worth to write them because their music is really very good and most of all, an own style… Carsten Messerschmidt HERETIC MAGAZINE JAN 1990 GERMANY EUROPE

Who could ever expect the big surprise of the month would come from the far Mexico? The trinity pretend to play “Dead Metal” and not “Death Metal”(!!!???!). It doesn’t matter to me ,anyways its great!…Toxodeth has almost the same kind of qualities a band such as POSSESSED…Just like the ancient American band, Toxodeth brings a lethal dose of death…The riffs are ripping, the arrangements damn heavy and the power not to describe add the antichristian raw throat to this and You have Toxodeth. Wim Baelus AARDSCHOCK METAL HAMMER DUTCH EDITION APRIL 1989 HOLLAND EUROPE

A very classical music influenced band, probably the most of their kind in the scene today,they combine a speed metal! death black metal! and classical music with haunting vocals to collaborate for a very different and odd tempo throughout, maybe You can hardly call it a tempo with all the classic guitar ratting your brain. You can tell that they don’t want to be labeled You can’t possibly do that since there is nothing to compare them…So they really are intellectual in the way of writing the music and the lyrics… Trevor BALANCE OF TERROR FANZINE DEC 1990 CANADA NORTHAMERICA

Any record influenced by both classical music and classic horror films has an awful lot going for it…Toxodeth combines these disparate influences with deceptive ease…Guitarist and creative leader Raul Guzman distills the tension and drama of each and uses them to brew a rich, dark concoction…Is perfect music for those who enjoy the instrumental grind of death metal but finds its violent lyrics repellent… Terry Higgins MILWAUKEE SENTINEL PAPER APRIL 1991 USA NORTHAMERICA

I must admit that Toxodeth is one of the best black death thrashkillers in Mexico!, I was happy with this tape from the beginning, as I heard it the first time enormous good recording and heaviest sounds… Tassilo Forg THROATGRIND MAGAZINE 1990 GERMANY EUROPA

It’s a speed classical metal mixed with death metal and made it very brilliant, so the Mexicans are selling their albums worldwide, so when the Hispanic people from this side of the planet will do it? Joan Singla METAL HAMMER FEB 1991 SPAIN EUROPE

...They are fully original and have got their own way of executing music. Extremely intricate guitar arrangements are stitched in mid-fast paced dark sounding metal, to create moods of their own…quite an interesting album from this Mexican deathblack metal trio… Victor Hsieh THRASHIKUS ZINE 1991 USA NORTHAMERICA


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