RITE (SE) – Lie In Wait For Blood – Se Menniskan, Hatet, Hånet CD

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Official RITE compilation plus 3 exclusive bonus tracks!

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RITE, the Swedish Black Metal duo will be titled “Lie In Wait For Blood – Se Menniskan, Hatet, Hånet” and will be released for the first time on CD this April 24th. This compilation which was originally released on vinyl by To The Death Records in 2014, features the “Lie In Wait For Blood demo (2011)” and “The Juridicial Doctrine demo (2013)”, plus 3 bonus tracks!!!

RITE is one of Sweden´s best kept secrets. They deliver exclusively grim and mesmerizing Black Metal of the highest order. Be ready to travel into a soundscape of melody, darkness and desperation.

Released by:
Chaos Records 2017


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