EMBRYO / STIGMATA – Damnatory Cacophony / Deceived Minds CD

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Statement regarding this release from Mattias Borgh: “This it will be the first and last press on CD no matter what! Limited to 1000 copies worldwide and never to be pressed again!”

Two crushing classic Swedish death metal demos on one SPLIT CD Featuring members of CRYPT OF KERBEROS, ex-BLOOD MORTIZED, ex-EGYPT AND DARK FUNERAL!

DARK SYMPHONIES / THE CRYPT Presents for the first time ever on CD: THE CULT DEMO SERIES: VOL I. Split CD between two Swedish cult acts and features the only recordings either band ever released. Both of these demos offer signature Swedish Death Metal guaranteed to please any fan of the genre, as well as fans of extreme metal in general. Mattias Borgh and Mattias Parkkila are both ex-members of BLOOD MORTIZED (Swe).

This amazing split CD features the classic EMBRYO “Damnatory Cacophony” demo Originally released in 1991 and limited to 500 pro-printed copies, it features Mattias Borgh from the mighty CRYPT OF KERBEROS as well as members from such cult acts as XENOFANES (Swe), HARMONY (Swe) and MAZE OF TORMENT (Swe).

Exclusive to this CD is 4 bonus tracks – Embryo Live in Strängnäs 5´th of March 1993 which do not appear on the 2012 vinyl version released by THE CRYPT.

Also featured is the ultra obscure yet equally amazing 1992 demo “Deceived Minds” from Sweden’s STIGMATA, featuring Mattias Parkkila from EGYPT (Swe) and Peter Eklund of DARK FUNERAL (Swe).

This amazing piece of history will have the same standard of quality as the original CRYPT LP version and feature an 8 page booklet with reversible cover art, classic band photos and flyers, liner notes and lyrics.

In an effort to preserve the integrity of the original recording, our regular CRYPT engineer Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound has meticulously and subtly mastered the audio files from the original analog sources to retain the dynamics and atmosphere of the original recordings.

Limited to a ONE TIME PRESSING of 1000 copies! Stay away from BOOTLEGS! Support the band and official releases!!

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Dark Symphonies (usa) 2015


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