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The Swedish Death Metal sound has for long been one of the utmost unique and imitative on the extreme side of Metal. From the melodic style of the Gothenburg acts to the raw intensity presented by the Stockholm scene, bands, producers, studios and key individuals forged an aural discharge which, 30-plus years after its original harvesting, it endures as a vital, overtly powerful and influential sound, ever inspiring to many across the globe. Straight from said late 80s furnace, Cromlech roamed the Underground with a few demos and live performances alongside names as notorious as Merciless, Entombed and Dismember before ending its existence in 1994. However, 23 long years later, inspired by the same old-school approach which got them started to begin with, two of its members decided to relive the ferocious passion of the days of old with a new band: Carnal Savagery. Following the release of a demo in early 2019, the time has come to unveil a full-length album… and so, an outright Death Metal opus has risen. “Grotesque Macabre” is the fitting title of this outbreak of death and destruction, the stench of rotten flesh in 10 tracks of the purest most manic Death Metal with a capital D. Whether wildly fast and vicious or through morbid heavy segments, the riffs and solos consume the listener in a swamp of blood and bones. It’s a six-string controlled chaos displaying a superior performance supported by an utterly tight organic rhythmic section. The superb drumming perfectly blends itself with the massive bludgeoning of the guitars, never sounding sterile but bursting with dynamism and feeling. None other than Dan Swanö splendidly produced “Grotesque Macabre” on his Unisound studios, and the result is stellar, a flawless illustration of how sound can suit the sonic and aesthetical vision of the artist.

Released on CD by Chaos Records, “Grotesque Macabre” is a consummate lesson in DEATH METAL and it shall certainly delight any and all devotees of the genre.

Recorded at Studio LV5 by Jonas, Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound AB. Cover artwork by Hand Rot Art.

1. Devoured by Maggots
2. Parasites
3. Left to Rot
4. Blood Ritual
5. Parasitic Decay
6. Carnivore
7. Deceased Rotten Flesh
8. Murderous Rage
9. Eaten by the Dead
10. Eyes of the Rotten Dead

Released by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2020.


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