Mefitis was formed in 2007 by Pendath and Vatha with the ambition to write material combining key elements of death and black metal. Aged 13 and 17, they shared already a fondness for the great works of the 1980s and 90s, and quickly began composing. Shows were performed with varying lineups, but the core band has remained this duo. They resolved to always create metal with a heavy sense of dynamism and structure; songs as “riff mazes.” The earliest stirrings exist only in the form of crude demos and live recordings. Now, Mefitis is prepared to fully realize this musical vision known as DARK METAL.

Dark Metal is the sound of a dark outlook on modernity. It is a name you may have seen, but one that is not manifest until now. Mefitis claims Dark Metal as the path forward, bound not to genre conventions, but to songs which speak with intensity and precision. The 2018 single, “Widdrim Hymn” initiated the assault on inferior metal with three incendiary compositions. But that is a mere glimpse of the inferno that awaits for listeners of the Mefitis debut full length.


Demo (2008)
The Birth of Tragedy (Demo 2009)
Widdrim Hymn (Single 2019)
Emberdawn (Album 2019)


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