IMPURE was conceived by Horned Father of Desecreation in 2017 to conjure unclean, unblessed black/death metal in the spirit of all the depraved ancient gods. Satyrannical Lord of Assault was called upon to handle guitar duties and within a few weeks, the SATAN’S ECLIPSE demo tape was unleashed, soon followed by select live appearances and the “Transfixed In Limbo” single on summer solstice 2018. The debut full-length abomination, SATAN’S ECLIPSE, will cast it’s shadow through the gates of CHAOS RECORDS during the summer of 2019. On the eve of the fullmoon, the light gives way to SATAN’S ECLIPSE — HSFTW!

Horned Father of Desecreation — Vocals, Drums
Satyrannical Lord of Assault — Guitars, Bass


Rehearsal Demo MMXVIII
Transfixed In Limbo
Satan's Eclipse Demo MMXVII


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