The band was spawned in 2010 by A. th and Erman with the goal to perform ancient death metal. Due to lack of time A. th left the band and let Erman to continue the path by himself. In early 2015, Erman found the right replacement in Maso on guitars and bass and Pide guts on drums.

Finally “Throne of Disgust ” demo was released by Unholy Domain rec. on tape .Later in the same year, Eros and Edy joined the band to complete the line-up.

After some years of silence , and some line-up changes , the grave has been opened again.
In 2018 with Johan on guitar and Danny on drums , the band started to write new material that will see the light in late January/Febraury 2019 as “Awakening of the dead” demo released via Unholy Domain Recs.


Throne of Disgust (Demo 2016)
Omega Doom (Split 2017)
Awakening of the Dead (Demo 2019)
Abomination (Demo 2019)
Awakening od the Dead / Throne of Disgust (Compilation 2019)


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