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CHAOS RECORDS is proud to present SENTINEL SIRENS’ striking debut album, Orbithon Wave, on CD/DIGITAL format.

Formed in early 2020, SENTINEL SIRENS are a Swedish thrash duo comprised of Andreas Engman (Searing I) and Heval Bozarslan (Sarcasm). With great passion for the genre and a clear vision for the concept, 10 songs were written for a full-length within the following two years. Finding members to flesh out the band was not a problem, but the creators of the album didn’t want, in any way, to compromise and change the direction and the spirit of the music, so the multi-skilled Engman ended up not only composing all the music but also recording all the instruments on the album, and the concept and lyrics came from the mind of the vocalist Bozarslan.

At long last, ready to be revealed to the public, is SENTINEL SIRENS’ Orbithon Wave. The duo’s debut album indeed is reverential of thrash metal, in all permutations – from the most traditional to the rare niche of power thrash, and various points in between – but with the unique concept surrounding it, Orbithon Wave manages to breathe new life into the genre. Leaving no stone unturned, SENTINEL SIRENS twist many metallic shapes into their surging speed-thrash, at times even incorporating subtle slices of black metal as well as their hydra-headed “Choirs of Naxxir.” The adrenaline rush is ever-present and addicting, and always is true songwriting placed at a premium; downtempo breaks and evocative leads help flesh out the 45-minute concept, largely built upon a foundation of 1950s sci-fi movies – and that goes for the album’s likewise-unique cover artwork. Cooly cruising and at times even hypnotic, Orbithon Wave is a minimal-is-maximal triumph of brain and brawn.

1. Acrimony Of Gods 4:02
2. The Dome Cyclotron 4:51
3. Orbithon Wave 4:50
4. Of Deepest Below 2:48
5. Fury Of Atlantis 5:17
6. Thalus Masterplan 5:02
7. Monstrum Pandemum 5:08
8. Chaos Unbound 5:10
9. The Drowning Of The Oceans 4:22
10. Planet Lament 4:52

Manfactured by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2023.


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