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In 1993, the same scene happened at the same moment in history in the Andalusian Autonomous Region of Spain, which is far away from Florida, USA. A band named “Hormigon” gave birth to their most representative Demo “Evil”. Its appearance changed the speed and cruelty that the previous death metal albums paid more attention to, and instead enhanced the power of the instrument. In each song, each guitar riff hides a dark motive, bringing out some catchy but unsettling melodies, and the drums mix fast rhythms and complex pattern innovations to create chaotic underlying atmospheres , the easily overlooked bass also provides a good foundation for the guitar with its slow and doomed strumming.

Huangquan Reocrds puts this representative demo of the band in front of you again in the form of a CD, and at the same time dedicates the demo of the same name in 1992 as a reward to you, so stay tuned…

Released by:
Huangquan Records (CHINA), 2023.


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