DEGRAVED – Exhumed Remnants (CASSETTE)

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CHAOS RECORDS is proud to present 2024 reissue from DEGRAVED’s debut demo, Exhumed Remnants on CASSETTE.

“DEGRAVED’s debut demo EXHUMED REMNANTS sounds like it could be a death metal demo tape from the early 90s that had been tucked away into a shoebox in someone’s closet and forgotten about for 30 years… until now.

It is dank and archaic, covered in dust and cobwebs, and mysteriously oppressive with its approach to Finnish-meets-American old school death metal. The 3 songs (and interlude) that comprise the demo are highly reminiscent of early Adramelech and Demigod, albeit more murky and sluggish, with whispery-gutturals and dark tremolo picked riffs. The band also has hints of early Cianide and Deicide woven throughout their expertly-crafted sound.

Based in Seattle Washington, and sharing members with death/doom band Cavurn, it’s no surprise that DEGRAVED are a band of sheer, unrivaled quality. It seems there’s something in the water in the Pacific Northwest. When it comes to metal, the region surely knows how to produce royalty. And DEGRAVED are no exception to that.” – GURGLING GORE

TRACKLIST (Program repeats both sides):
1. Exhumed Remnants
2. Corpse Fermantation
3. Incinerated

Manfactured by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2024.


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