DEATHRAGE (ITA) – Self Conditioned, Self Limited CD (Reissue)

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Reissue / Back in 1986 former Virus bandmember Alex started to look for a drummer and a lead guitarist amongst his friends in order to found Deathrage. The first one he recruited was Roberto “Jena” Sambusida (drums). Finding a lead guitarist proofed to be much harder though and the band was forced to look outside of their circle of friends. In the end they were able to find Lorenzo Marconi for the open slot. After a while it became apparant that Lorenzo’s style was skilled, but not powerful enough. That was the point where Davide Castelli joined the band giving the band a really devastating sound. The lyrics focused mostly on social issues and took an “anti-satanic” stance and were the result of Jena’s mind and Alex’ translations. Time was fleeting and in 1988 the band signed up with Metal Master (Discomagic) and released their first LP with the title “Self Conditioned Self Limited”. The band was also able to play several concerts throughout northern Italy. In 1990 Mauro left the band and was replaced by Nico (Alex Nicolini) whose influence lead the band to take a more Death Metal style approach for their new album “Down in the Depth of Sickness”. Also, the wish to constantly reinvent themselves led to the addition of the keyboardplayer “Tito”. Pretty soon, however, the band realised that they were not exactly happy with the new direction and the band returned to their roots pretty quickly.

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Punishment 18 Records (Ita) 2014


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