CENOTAPH (MX) – The Gloomy Reflection Of Our Hidden Sorrow 2LP (Gatefold BLACK Vinyl)

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The debut album of Mexican Death Metal Masters CENOTAPH, sold out and hard to find….But never see the light on vinyl. Chaos Records is proud to release “The Gloomy Reflections Of Our Hidden Sorrows” in amazing 2LP fully remastered. Included original artwork by the Polish artist Ryszard Wojtynski, Tenebrous Apparitions 7″ and The Eternal Disgrace 7″

This one time pressing comes in double vinyl 180gram, gatefold jacket 350gram, Printed innersleeves with embossed CENOTAPH logo and exclusive poster A2.

Limited to 300 copies in classic BLACK vinyl


Side A:
1. Requiem For A Soul Request
2. Ashes In The Rain
3. …A Red Sky

Side B:
4. Evoqued Doom
5. Tenebrous Apparitions
6. The Spiritless One

Side C:
7. Infinite Meditation Of An Uncertain Existence
8. In The Cosmic Solitude
9. Repulsive Odor Of Decomposition

Side D:
10. Repulsive Odor Of Decomposition*
11. Larvs Of Subconcious*
12. Dissection**
13. Tenebrous Apparitions**

* Taken from “Tenebrous Apparitions” 7″
** Taken from “The Eternal Disgrace” 7″

Released by:
Chaos Records 2012


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