BLACKTHORN (MEX) – The Rotten Ways of Human Misery + Bonus (Repress)

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“It was back in 1990 that a band with the name BLACKTHORN arise from the depths of Mexico City, to create pure old school death metal. Their first demo, a self titled tape was a raw, uncompromising attack  in the vein of AUTOPSY, DEATH, MORGOTH and POSSESSED. The next year they released another demo with a raw rehearsal sound, in the same style. Although it was clear that they were worshiping their idols, they were serious with their music and has death as a point of escape. Soon live presentation began, with bands like CENOTAPH, SHUB NIGGURATH, RIPPING FLESH, ANARCHUS and more, showcasing the band talents, specially the monstrous voice of Paul Mallory. The band decided to wear only black clothes in their live presentations, as a symbolization of mourning thus calling death the mother of their creation. It was in 1992 that with legendary DARK ANGEL guitar player Eric Meyer producing, that the band released their debut album. This was the culmination for a band that also played with many international bands like OBITUARY, CANNIBAL CORPSE, SAMAEL and DISMEMBER to name a few. Their fast and morbid death metal, was finally set with a professional production and released upon mankind. Gathering great reviews for their direct and putrid death metal, the band went on playing nationwide, until their untimely demise in 1994. Apparently they were on hold while some of their members went on keep playing with other bands. Due to the popular demand of the fans, the album was a very sought item by metal collectors, and some talks about a reunion were done. But in a tragic turn of events, lead vocalist Paul Mallory left this mortal world in 2013. Still, as a tribute to the fallen vocalist, the band decided to keep going and thus they started to play again new shows, with some new members.

Nowadays, BLACKTHORN members are: Guillermo Anaya (original member, guitars) , Armando Mondragon (original member, drums) , Francisco Torres (guitars), Juan M. Scott (bass) and Mocte Zumma (vocals).

This, what you have in your hands, is the definitive re-release of this old school death metal assault. The cover art used in this edition was one of the alternative designs done by the same artist at the time, with an improved sound and design, besides new pictures, the new generation of metalheads will be able to experience “The rotting ways of human misery” in the best (or worst!) form. As a bonus, two song have been re-recorded exclusively for this release.

The band is grateful for their old and new fans that have been supportive through all these years. And they want to remind all you deathheads, that the black plague is still going on and there are more to come from BLACKTHORN.

Let the human abattoir begin!.

 – Julian Nuñez (Horrible Fanzine)

The original tracks were remastered earlier this year by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound UK (Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum),  Bonus tracks recorded by Miguel Angeles at MAT Studios in Mexico and mastered by Chrome Studios’ Fredrik Folkare.

Layout by Arturo Vargas at Souls Crematorium.

1. Throes Of Death
2. Gangrene
3. Embryonic Mutilation
4. Criminal Ecstacy
5. Human Abattoir
6. Harrowing Beheading
7. Slow Extinction Of Life
8. Traumatic Survival
9. Buried Alive (Underground Agony)
10. Harrowing Beheading (Bonus Track)
11. Embryonic Mutilation (Bonus Track)

Released by:
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2021.


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