UNDERSAVE is a Death Metal band from Lisbon (Portugal). The band started as a three piece in 2004 with Nuno Braz doing guitars and vocals, João Nascimento on the second guitar and Gonçalo Neves on the drums.
The first demo was recorded with three songs in 2005. The recording process took place at Garagem 22 studios in Almada with Paulo Vieira (The Firstborn, Namek, Midnight Priest, Alkateya, Pussyvibes, etc). “Domestication of the Human Race” was the name of the demo, and was self-released in 2005 on CD-R.

After hundreds of rehearsals and some gigs, appeared five new songs that formed the EP “After the Domestication Comes The Manipulation” [2008]. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Brugo Sound Studios with Hugo Camarinha (Bleeding Display, Theriomorphic, Decayed, etc). The band once again released it, this time on a professional format. Before the live promotion of the EP, André Pisco (bassplayer) joins Undersave.

After some gigs, Gonçalo Neves left and Hugo Pote replaced him on the drums. After several shows in Portugal promoting the new EP, André Pisco and João Nascimento left the band.

In 2011, after 1 year of composition, Undersave began the recording of the debut full-length again with Paulo Vieira at Brugo Sound Studios and Mosphit Studios. The debut album, named “Now…Submit your Flesh to the Master’s Imagination” come to light in 2012 and an intense live promotion followed.

After some shows with only 2 members, in 2012 a new guitar player, Daniel Pereira, joined the band, followed by Diogo Almeida, who entered in 2013 for handling the bass. Then again, the following year (2014) brought new changes on the line-up: Diogo and Daniel decided to follow a different path, and two new members replaced them, João Jacinto on the guitars and Renato Laia on the bass.

But the constant line-up changes did not stop there: in 2015 it was time for the long-time drummer of the band, Hugo Pote, to decide quit the project. After a few months of searching for a new drummer, Pedro Pereira joined the band.
It was assembled the group that soon would record the album that was to follow “Now… Submit Your Flesh (…)”. With much of the songwriting taking place during the mentioned changes in the band, and after several rehearsals with the new formation, the band went to studio in 2017, joining efforts again with producer Paulo Vieira for the recording of the second album of originals “Sadistic Iterations: Tales of Mental Rearrangement”.

Nuno Braz – Vocal/Guitar
Pedro Pereira – Drums
Renato Laia – Baixo
João Jacinto – Guitars


Sadistic Iterations... Tales Of Mental Rearrangement (Album), 2018
Now...Submit Your Flesh To The Master's Imagination (Album), 2012
After The Domestication Comes The Manipulation (MCD), 2008
Domestication Of Human Race (Demo), 2005


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