REX DIFUNCTIS was formed at the ed of 2015 as a reform od ARGENTUM the members come from other bands, Carlos Cavazos – Guitar (ARGENTUM), Rene Quiroz – Bass (CONGENITAL HATE), RUben Beltran – Drums (AVATAR/OSCULUM) and Khabee – Vocals (ARGENTUM) After a few months of rehearsls they recorded their first demo called “Alucarda” in the Shakal Records Studio under the direction of Alberto Rodriguez that later would hava to join the band in the bass, the previous bass playerhad to leave due to personal problems, they started composing new material and after a while they decided to change their name to REX DIFUNCTIS, several months later Alberto has to leave the band because of his overwork and his place takes back Rene Quiroz. The virtual demo has great and very good comments and this inspires the band to record a second demo but all this is stopped because of the great interest of CHAOS RECORDS who decided to release the debut album instead under the production and mixing of Alex Guzman in the already famous Studio Apex where several albums of ARGENTUM have been recorded and produced.

The souns of the band is rough and raw and evokes those days of the old school from the death metal of the 80’s only now with refreshing touch of doom and melancholy that catch you from beginningto end, never did the darkness have such exquisite sound of this some inspiring bandscould be AUTOPSY, DEATH, NIHILIST, MERCYFUL FATE, PARADISE LIST, CELTIC FROST, TROUBLE, DISSECTION, CANDLEMASS, MEMENTO MORI, KRUX, THE SKULL POSSESSED, ETC….


Tenebram Vobiscum (Album)
Alucarda (Demo)


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