Formed in late 2010 by Marce M. (ex-real SUPPLICIUM, A.P.D.M.) and J. J. Buño (ex-real SUPPLICIUM) they began composing and rehearsing as a duo about half a year, by that time Jorge V. joined with them but some months later he left the band; However, some tracks were composed into gloomy old style of Doom-Death-Metal.

In early 2011,Isaías Huerta (ex-real SUPPLICIUM, A.P.D.M., DENIAL, NECROCCULTUS) joined the band on vocals along with Nestor (NECROCCULTUS, ex-LEPER MESSIAH) and later Homero (BEYOND SANCTORUM) on bass, at last the line-up was complete and five tracks were arranged/finished besides to make some gigs in some cities of central México.

The influences of DOOMORTALIS dwells into the old traditional acts of Lord of Putrefaction, Black Sabbath, Castle, Candlemass, Autopsy, Death, early Therion, so… the first session studio rehearsal demo tape 2013 was unleashed through the German label Bloodmonk Rite Prods. with five tracks and some months later the Mexican label Embrace my Funeral Recs. Released it on Cd.

On 2016 Mexican Death-Metal label Chaos Recs. is interested in releasing the DOOMORTALIS debut album with nine tracks but in the same time Homero left the band and joined us Wally on bass, so DOOMORTALIS started to record their full length debut album “ Splendour… Then Gloominess” that will see the doomed light on September 2017.


The Unknown Somber Magnetism (Demo)
Splendor... Then Gloominess (Album)


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