QUESTION is a Mexican Death Metal band formed by Héctor and Rodrigo in summer of 2010 with the purpose of spread the musical sickness.

The pair started as a bedroom project because they were unable to find anyone interested in playing the drums, with only guitars and bass composing very rudimentary material. After a few months as a duo the band finally found a drummer and recorded two tracks for a demo (unreleased) with additional vocals from a friend but it lacked the quality they sought.

After a few gigs and various lineup changes the band began to stablish their sound when they found Iván, Pepe and Chucho which duties on drums, vocals and guitars respectively, gave the sound they we’re looking for. The band recorded a new demo in 2013 called “MMXIII” with five songs and two instrumentals which expose a more mature songwriting exploring the fathomless tradition of Death and conceiving lyrical themes studying existentialism and the eternal mystery of the beyond.

Shared between friends, the demo got to Chaos Records who showed interest in signing the band. Meanwhile, Pepe and Chucho left the band being replaced only by Marco on the vocal duties being now a four piece band.

In April 2012 the band entered the studio to record their debut album “Doomed Passages” evolving to a more twisted sound with different riffing variations, drum beats and more complex song structures forming their own identity rooted in their personal influences and pushing the boundaries of their sound. The album was released until February 2013 but in the meantime the band were still composing more sick Death Metal.

Now, a new EP called is ready to be unleashed with material that has been written between 2011 and 2015 which will serve as a preamble of more things to come.

Marco – Vocals
Rodrigo – Guitar
Héctor – Bass
Iván – Drums


Gnosis Primordial (MCD)
Demo MMXII (Compilation)
Doomed Passages (Album)
Coming Of Death (Demo)
Demo #1 (Demo) Unreleased


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