Sweden’s Decomposed grew into a band in 2010, shortly after being concieved as a pure death metal one man project. A year later the “Stench of Death” demo was recorded, which led into the self titled debut album the following year. Two years thereafter the follow-up, entitled “Devouring” was released. A much more mature creation focused on darkness, horror, and madness. After a few live performances and quite a few internal struggles, Decomposed had to cease to exist as a live band. All members left, and only composer/founder Jesper Ekstål remained. The work on the third chapter “Wither” was well under way during this period, and it continued during obstacles of every kind. “Wither” was recorded mid 2015 by Jesper Ekstål along with drummer Emil Leijon in studio blastbeat in sundsvall, the same studio as the previous albums. This leads us to this day, were “Wither” will finally be unleashed upon the world by Chaos Records on Vinyl/CD later this year.


Wither (Full-Length) 2016
Devouring (Full-Length) 2014
Decomposed (Full-Length) 2012
Stench Of Death (Demo) 2011


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