TEMPLE OF VOID (US) – Of Terror and the Supernatural + Demo CD

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A name synonymous with some of the utmost exciting US Death Metal of the last decade, Temple of Void have steadily erected a solid career in continuous ascension. One year following the latest and third full-length record, now comes the time to turn our backs to the present and focus on the earliest offering of the Detroit quintet, more precisely the influential and highly revered first opus, “Of Terror and the Supernatural”. In 50 minutes, Temple of Void drags the listener on a monumental journey of assorted sounds and feelings, whether through the desolating specter of England’s melancholy or the ominous aggression of US Death Metal. A supremely carved mix of misery with blatant heaviness is purveyed from the first instants, notably on the wall of guitars, awestruck in the way a sinister aura is interlaced with a gargantuan groove and added mastery on the tasteful use of monstruous tremolo and epic leads. With a tremendously mixed and mastered sound, a dynamic and organic aural quality definitively enhances “Of Terror and the Supernatural”, notably on the accompanying rhythmic section, utterly tasteful on austere slow sections and the occasional faster portions where the Death Metal monster rises its ugly head without ever losing the vibe of impending Doom that creeps above and beyond the record. The bearer of all things morbid, the colossal deep vocals top the maelstrom of cavernous electricity with guttural perfection, granting a creeping narrator to the saturnine procession, praising Death with written excellence.

Eight years following its primary unveiling, Chaos Records grants a CD reissue of what can already be called a classic and certainly a mandatory addition to the vault of any and all Death/Doom Metal devotees.

1. The Embalmers Art
2. Savage Howl
3. Beyond the Ultimate
4. Invocation of Demise
5. To Carry this Corpse Evermore
6. Rot in Solitude
7. Exanimate Gaze
8. Bargain in Death
9. Beyond the Ultimate (bonus track)
10. Exanimate Gaze (bonus track)
11. Bargain In Death (bonus track)
12. Ward of Crom (bonus track)

Released by: 
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2021.


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