Korgull The Exterminator (Es) – War Of The Voivodes (Gatefold 2Lp Black Vinyl)

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By the time ‘War of the Voivodes’ first came out on CD through XTREEM MUSIC back in 2010, the whole ‘blimey, they’ve stolen their name from VOIVOD!’ and ‘wait, is a woman on shrieking vocals here?!’ had already died out. If said comments were aplenty a year prior when their debut album ‘Dogs of War’ was released, the fury of its follow-up silenced them all at once. Stepping way out of the black/thrash comfort zone and showcasing a yet-to-be-rivalled intensity that had yet to be unheard, ‘War’ saw the quartet becoming, literally, a far tighter and more lethal war machine.

Whereas for others 80’s metal clichés are like random patches you stitch randomly on your vest without much second thought, in KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR’s case it is an essential part of their DNA without becoming a limit in itself. But those Spaniards’ most effective weapon is their relentless desire to attack, again and again until there’s nothing left. Just like the battlefields or scenes of horror they’re depicting in their lyrics, KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR are at war and it never felt truer than on this, their second album.

To salute this long-awaited vinyl version, included here are no less than five bonus tracks: two covers (IMPALED NAZARENE, NAPALM DEATH) recorded by the band’s drummer Joe Bastard in his homestudio in December 2011 and three live tracks recorded by Javi ‘Bastard’ Félez from GRAVEYARD and MOONTOWER studio in June 2011, among them a scorching and epic 13 minutes+ version of “Kingdom of Darkness”. Overall, over 25 minutes of extra material and a gatefold ‘deluxe’ design to die for, ugh!

Comes in Gatefold jacket with embossing, 2LP Black vinyl!

Released by:
Doomentia Records (CZ)



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