UNCEREMONIAL: Sign with Chaos Records

American black/death metallers UNCEREMONIAL sign with Chaos Records, the band’s is working in the recording process of their upcoming debut album entitled ‘They Will Undone’. More news will be revealed soon.

UNCEREMONIAL was founded in 2015 by vocalist/guitarist Connor G. Carlson (Delusions of Godhood, Sacrilegion) and guitarist Nick Zmyslo (Delusions of Godhood). The goal of the group has always been to mix dark, brooding black metal with the sheer ferocity of death metal, and powerful melodies influenced by titans such as Dissection, Unanimated, Necrophobic, Eucharist, etc. Sven Smith (Caladan Brood, Winterlore) completed their infernal ranks, joining in 2017. Their upcoming full-length album ‘Thy Will Undone’ is in the process of being recorded. Hail the Unceremonious Metal of Death!

-Artes Aterrimus [demo/EP] (2017)
-Thy Faithfulness In Destruction [single] (2019)
-Thy Will Undone [full-length album] (To be announced)


Posted on November 25, 2020Chaos Records
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