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Death Doom that slithers across the whole spectrum of the genre, drawning inspiration from modern titans such as Temple of Void and adding so much more. Crushing, slow and incessant heavyness yet even bluesy and catchy at moments. Finally assembled for physical release and adding a brand new track, this is the best way to embrace Void Witch’s debut!

VOID WITCH is a doom/death collective out of Austin, Texas. Formed from ex-members of Azoth, Shitstorm and Drainbow during the Years of Great Plague and conceived as a collective project to give unearthly voice to the gruesome maunderings of our corrupted and degenerate minds.
Void Witch’s aesthetic is an unholy marriage of classic doom metal, old school death metal, and grunge sensibilities with themes of body horror, gruesome myth, murder ballads, and other cautionary tales.

For fans of Hooded Menace, Temple Of Void, Coffins, Druid Lord.

Released By:
Everlasting Spew (Italy), 2022.


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