UNCOFFINED (UK) – Ceremonies Of Morbidity CD

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Featuring members of such past and current acts as Morstice, Blessed Realm and Winds Of Genocide, U.K.´s Uncoffined are a morbid musical entity influenced by old school Death/Doom Metal, traditional Doom Metal, nihilistic and misanthropic Sludge, old stinking graveyards that reek of death, old Hammer horror/low budget/zombie movies, the occult and clandestine satanic rituals. This, their sophomore full-length album, is the aural equivalent of a dark haunting sinister figure lurking amongst the shadows and graves of an overgrown old graveyard that no one dares to enter at night. Once again, these musical funeral rites were recorded and mixed by Bri Doom at Studio 1 in 12 (Bradford, U.K.), mastered by Javier Felez at Moontower Studios (Barcelona, Spain), and feature artwork and layout by the mighty Cesar Valladares. The five lengthy tracks on “Ceremonies of Morbidity” sound like a more evil Winter getting fucked and killed by Paradise Lost demo era while doing Trouble and Candlemass covers. Doomed Metal of Death!!!

Released by:
Memento Mori (Spain)


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