TOXODETH (MEX) – Morbidest Reality (An Observation) CD (Repress)

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Second press from 2015’s reissue of Morbidest Reality (An Observation) from seminal Mexican Death Metal band TOXODETH. Originally released by Culebra Records in 1993, the long out-of-print sophomore release further cemented the band’s status as Mexican extreme metal trailblazers. The reissue contains 11 bonus tracks of unreleased material, demos, and live recordings, as well as a 16-page booklet that contains rare photos and flyers. The reissue was remastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound UK and comes with the revamped artwork and layout of Cesar Valladares (Under the Church, Eskhaton, Goddefied).

Comes in jewel case with an 16-page booklet featuring artwork and lyrics for all tracks, rare pics and exclusive bonus tracks. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

01. The Message
02. Morbidest Reality
03. Extrene Convulsion
04. Impulse
05. Dead’s Remembrances
06. Ancient Call
07. When They Are Going To Die
08. Deepest Unknow
09. What’s In That Dirty Mind
10. Voodoo Insanity
11. Gnomes Dance
12. Bastardity Perdition
13. Goblins Castle
14. Universal Norm Of Doom (Bonus Track)
15. Lowers World Intervention (Bonus Track)
16. After Death’s There No Rest (Bonus Track)
17. Sinful Position (Bonus Track)
18. World At war (Bonus Track)
19. Will Never See It (Bonus Track)
20. Victims Blood Celebration (Bonus Track)
21. Priceless Whores (Bonus Track)
22. Human Sacrifice (Bonus Track)
23. Screams From Hell (Bonus Track)
24. Our Doom Outro (Bonus Track)

Released by:
Chaos Records, 2020.


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