THE FOG (DE) – Perpetual Blackness CD

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The outstanding debut full-length from this up and coming German band. Formed back in early 2014 by seasoned devotees of the German underground (featuring past and present members of bands such as Beyond and Nocturnal), this three-headed beast spreads an aural plague in the form of primal, decayed, malevolent, venomous, eerie and crawling Death/Doom Metal with extremely rotten vocals that sound like desperate yells being vomited forth, and a gloomy atmosphere that reeks of mouldy crypts, nocturnal fears and god-forsaken places, very much influenced by ancient entities such as Goatlord, Delirium, Hellhammer, Necro Schizma, Winter, early Asphyx and Autopsy. Finished up with a solid mastering work (courtesy of Ted Tringo at The Ancient Way Mastering, U.S.A.) that enhances the morbidity of their sound, and the bleak artwork crafted by the German artist known as Misanthropic Art, “Perpetual Blackness” is an unquestionable tribute to all things uncanny and putrescent.

Released by:
Memento Mori (Spain)


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