THANATOS (NL) – Thanatology: Terror Form the Vault 2CD

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As a special celebration of the band´s 35th anniversary, Memento Mori is thrilled to unleash a 2CD set that compiles all studio demos + rarities by this seminal Thrash/Death Metal band from The Netherlands, absolute precursors of the extreme side of Metal in their country. All songs were digitalized from the original sources and subtly mastered for an even more pleasurable listening experience. Also included as a very special treat for this compilation, two old songs re-recorded in early 2019 featuring former guitar player and original member Remco de Maaijer as guest musician. Cover art by Mörtuus.

Tracks 1-2: old songs re-recorded in early 2019 (including a guest appearance by one original band member from 1984)
Tracks 3-9: Speed Kills demo (1984)
Tracks 10-17: Live at the Lede (1985)

Tracks 1-4: Promo demo (1985)
Tracks 5-8: Rebirth demo (1986)
Tracks 9-11: The Day Before Tomorrow… demo (1987)
Tracks 12-15: Omnicoitor demo (1989)
Tracks 16-20: Pre-production Tape (1991)

Released by:
Memento Mori (SPAIN), 2019.


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