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TERRORAMA is about DEATH, and “Genocide” is the platoon’s 3rd and most violent album so far! During the first decade the unwillingness to compromise, and to fall into the stagnant conformism that tightens its grip on extreme metal, has been the key and driving force behind the band. In a scene overcrowded with self-proclaimed quasi-religious, ideological/occult “mumbo-jumbo” that has not been lethal in the last 20 years or so, TERRORAMA’s Genocide is a fresh yet decomposing wind! The album mainly deals with events from the darker side of human nature; Stalin’s USSR/Gulag, Nazi-Germany, Idi Amin’s Uganda, Holodomor etc. Controversial historical developments that have left their mark and show what is really lurking deep inside the soul of man. TERRORAMA has very little to do with the sound normally associated with Scandinavia, instead the likes of old SADUS, Brazilian squadrons VULCANO and HOLOCAUSTO and to some extent SADISTIK EXEKUTION should be mentioned. “Old, raw & original sounding”, has always been the TERRORAMA-motto! It is also a “fuck off” to the retro-trends that repeatedly come and go. If the group is be placed in the Thrash, Death or Black-categories it really is up to the listener.
To sum it up: “Genocide” is what extreme metal should be about!

Released by:
To The Death Records (Sweden)


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