SUBROSA (USA) – No Helps For The Mighty Ones CD

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“And one day I’ll be like a bird in flight…”

Easily delivering their most accomplished and most entrancing album yet (NHFTMO being their third release), the female dominated doom contingent are destined to bring even more awareness to their brand of spellbinding amplifier worship. By delivering their heaviest release to date, SUBROSA’s music is a culmination of supernatural down-tuned guitar and low-end bass, the dark air of two eerie violins, thunderous raw percussion, and seductive female vocals. To get a glimpse of the diabolical sound that SUBROSA conjure, imagine a haunting mix of PJ HARVEY, KYUSS, L7, COVEN, and Appalachian Murder Ballads filtered through the ghostly vibes of American gothic tragedy.

Released by:
Profound Lore Records (Canada)


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