SEPULCHRAL CURSE (FI) – At The Onset Of Extinction CD (Digipak)

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Finnish death metal group with members of SOLOTHUS have decided to take a step ahead, leaving behind their old school death metal past but not entirely. SEPULCHRAL CURSE have weaned on the Scandinavian black metal influences and merged it with their irrepressible Finnish brand of death metal, forging a sound that’s steely and unique. Reminiscent of early CONVULSE, TRIBULATION, BOLZER, DISSECTION, DAWN, NAGLFAR, DEMIGOD and PUTREVORE all rolled into one, the music is extremely refreshing in its scope, majestic in its drive and lethal in its execution. While old school revivalists are dime a dozen, here’s one daring to do something different using the time-tested DNA of Finnish death metal without compromising on the heaviness. Classic-tinged, immaculate, and progressive.

LABEL: Transcending Obscurity
YEAR: 2016


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