SCYTHE LORE (GER) – Through the Mausoleums of Man CD

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Hailing from Germany, SCYTHE LORE are a death metal band in all its aspects, in every definition. Not for nothing is this power-trio named SCYTHE LORE: this beast is being hurled into the world with both stealth and mystery. Its first manifestation of dread, darkness, and doom suitably bears the title Through the Mausoleums of Man. As that title suggests, the six-track/20-minute record is a journey which details man’s interactions with death and its implications in all corners, all depths and all highs of this realm.

Suffused with sulfur and fury, SCYTHE LORE thereby use and fuse all elements of death metal – or “Dark Death Metal,” as they so proclaim it, with influences/elements from ancient ’90s dark metal – sometimes manifesting itself fast, sometimes slow, but always ugly. It’s a quick and cavernous listen, righteously rumbling and roiling with excitement and electricity at every turn: get absolutely GUTTED going Through the Mausoleums of Man!

Released By:
Iron Bonehead (Germany), 2019.


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