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SALEM – Playing God And Other Short Stories CD


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The illustrious history of the unrivaled legends SALEM had always been a dauntless path but despite of all the obstacles throughout their 25-year existence, the band seemed to be an even more formidable and well-oiled resilient machine.

The seventh full-length album ‘Playing God And Other Short Stories’ is a different twist to the quintessential SALEM conceptual songwriting structure. Based loosely on the concept of superheroes, ‘Playing God And Other Short Stories’ proves the band’s diversity to be able to move away from the political issues and still retain the unaffected integrity of the band!

Featuring the now-defunct Death Metal darlings At The Gates’s frontman Tomas Lindberg appearing as guest vocals on two tracks and also utilising the services of the famed Sterling Sound mastering engineer UE Nastasi (Biohazard, Clutch, Devin Townsend, Sepultura, etc), ‘Playing God And Other Short Stories’ is clearly a milestone in the band’s intense and long enduring career.

Pulverised Records (SINGAPORE) 2010

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